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Indulge in Vahela 1865 blend, full city roast that brings jubilee to the taste buds. With notes of chocolate and fruity tones, the smooth finish is perfect for beginning the end of your morning.

Crafted from Organic African Diaspora coffee beans, this blend is the result of our Master Roaster K. Rolfe's expertise and was designed by the Vahela family.

At Vahela, we're committed to sustainability and ethical practices. The farmers who handpick the coffee cherries also process them by hand, adhering to strict environmental standards. The beans are then washed and left to dry in the sun before being hand-sorted and packaged.

As a Black-owned business, we take pride in roasting our coffee locally in sunny Southern California, ensuring that you'll enjoy a fresh and delicious cup every time.


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Vahela 1865
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